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A well managed PPC campaign can be a game changer.

Expertly Managed Campaigns
Each PPC campaign is handled by certified and seasoned AdWords specialists, so our clients are always in good hands.

In-Depth Reports
Our reports includ a set-up report, regular performance reports, analytics monitoring & recommendations.


Measurable ROI
Campaigns are monitored, tested, and optimized for ideal returns. Includes Google AdWords setup, keyword research & more.

How it’s done

Innovative technology

  • Programmatic Search & Display
  • Geo Fencing- Retargeting
  • Proprietary Facebook product
  • Promotion redemption
  • Click to call Ads
  • Click to Text Ads
  • Mobile landing pages
  • Reputation extensions
  • Location extensions

Our direct relationships

Why it Matters to You


Machines make better decisions
more often and they optimize daily. Programmatic buying is quicker, smarter and more efficient. Your dollars goes farther resulting in better ROI.

Manage campaigns
we view our clients ad performance in real-time, and extend your PPC clicks (SEM) capabilites with our cutting-edge internal dashboard.

Data available at all times
Everything you need to know to effectively manage a PPC campaign, from Google Analytics and AdWords to incoming leads and traffic

Phone calls & store visits

Reservations, consultations, appointments, catering
Facebook lead ads

Consumer is on their mobile phone, (their job title on Facebook is listed as Catering Manager) and a Chipotle ad appears encouraging phone calls for catering options.

Search advertising

Consumer searches for “easy catering” and Chipotle appears, encourages phone call to place orders.

Display advertising

Consumer is reading a blog on the healthiest fast food options and Chipotle appears with coupons, encouraging store visits.


Consumer enters the Geofence of Chipotle competitor (Taco Bell) and 30 days afterwards they see Chipotle ads encouraging visits which is tracked.

Search Retargeting

A user performs a search. MWC collects the data associated with the search.

As the user performs other online activities, relevant ads from the initial website appear.

Upon clicking through the ad, the user returns to the initial website—and converts!

Facebook Advertising

Lead ads to drive calls and texts!

Here’s How It’s Done: Launching Your PPC Campaign

We’re meticulous in how we handle your clients’ PPC campaigns. Here are the steps we’ll go through to make that happen.

Step 1
Keyword Research & Analysis
Keyword research, ad groups, & competition research to find the opportunities and make the most of your client’s ad budget.

Step 2
Build The PPC Campaign
We build custom campaigns targeted to your client’s business based on the data gathered during the research and analysis.

Step 3
Launch The Ads
After launching the perfectly targeted ads it’s time to track conversions, analyze traffic, and present reports. Manage all this from the dashboard.

Step 4
Traffic & Click Through
A well-managed PPC campaign results in clicks to the right pages with constant bid optimization. Our Private Label PPC Services deliver this.