Customer Service Strategies And Ideas That Really Work

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Customer Service Strategies And Ideas That Really Work

Customer Service  Strategies And Ideas That Really Work

“Paying close attention to simple little things that most men neglect makes a few men rich” –

Henry Ford. This quote supports the idea that investing in even the smallest detail when
implementing a customer service strategy indicates how highly you value your customers which
leads to a better customer experience thus leading to accelerated revenues.
In fact, studies have shown that on average, 10% of customers spend three times more than
other customers and are more likely to impulse shop. Making it critical to identify that 10%
customer base and increase that percentage to orbit levels.


Customers often have difficulty connecting with your concept, your vision and sometimes even
your brand. Hiring the right people who represent your brand will make your customer or client
experience stronger. This is especially true for online businesses whose clients may have to
communicate with multiple people to complete a task. In those instances, appointing a project
manager to each client gives your customer that personalized attention they need and avoids
issues of multiple people providing many variables of the project resulting in too many transfer
calls and too many call backs, leaving the customer frustrated by having to deal with multiple
people providing conflicting information.

Assigning a point of contact for your business is key but for your brand you may want to
consider a Brand Ambassador. Brand Ambassadors offer that personalized customer service
interaction that gives those customers that long for the Five Star treatment getting exactly what
they long for. On the other hand, a Brand Ambassador is also essential to the customer who
feels lost without the assistance of someone who can help them find their sense of style.
Personalized service helps your staff recognize who your customers are and offer suggestions
on ways to improve customer service based on previous interactions. Offering personalized
customer service guarantees that customers who are treated like Royals will almost always be
loyal to your brand.


You have researched marketing strategies, held endless meetings on personalizing the needs
of your customers; but how in tune are you with what your customers think about you and your
brand? Are your customers posting their experience with you on social media, are they sharing
their experience with friends and family at social gatherings? What are they saying about you?
It is your job to know and understand your customer. You want that first impression to be a
lasting impression. You want to know if the first date will lead to a second and so on. The
communication cannot be one sided, it’s an exchange, you want feedback. This means using
that contact data collected to send emails, client surveys, new shipment updates, thank you
cards and discount coupons. Always express your eagerness for their reply, their comments,
their opinions and ultimately their validation that they love your brand.


Loyalty is validation that your customers love your brand. Reward happy customers with
incentives and special offers, such as surprise discounts at the check out register, free gift bags
for the best blog or video about your brand, encourage them to bring friends and receive credit
points for every item their friends purchase. Storing those points will lead to discounts off your
customer’s next purchase. These incentives are great for all businesses that maintain physical
and personal connections with their customers.

Remember, you can never go overboard when it comes to growing and enhancing your
business. First impressions count, lasting impressions are Priceless.

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